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Healthy Hair
Shampoo Pal easy

Enjoy every bubble with Shampoo Pal!

No more soap in your eyes.
Every time is a happy bath time.


Easy to install and use

Made of durable premium quality material

Compatible with most bathtubs, bathrooms and kitchen sinks

Perfect for toddlers, kids, teens and adults 

Happy Hair, Happy Home: The Parent's Guide to Tear-Free Bath Times with Shampoo Pal

Wash time struggles

Bath time blues:

When hair wash is a bigger drama than a soap opera!

Order online

Dad's bright idea:

Click, order, and say goodbye to the wash day woes!

Shampoo Pal to the rescue!

Fast delivery
Quick and easy wash

Splish, Splash, Smiles: Shampoo Pal brings delight to hair wash day!

Happy family healthy hair

Shampoo Pal Success:

Bath time tears turn into family cheers!

Shampoo Pal

You're just a click away from tear-free bath time get your Shampoo Pal now!

But that's not all...Core Radiance joins Shampoo Pal to transform your kid's haircare routine!

Core Radiance Products
Core Radiance



Shampoo Pal makes hair washing a breeze for kids and parents alike. But don’t stop there -- pair it with the perfection of Core Radiance – specially formulated for textured hair, ensuring your little one's locks are not only clean but also nourished and radiant. From gentle shampoos to enriching conditioners, find the right fit for your child. Please, click at to discover more or contact us at for personalized recommendations and say hello to hassle-free, healthy hair days for your little ones!

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